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Red Orchid Designs

Space Planning | Interior Design



Who We Are

Red Orchid Designs helps motivated homeowners to bring to life functional and elegant spaces that they will love.

We work primarily on remodels and new construction. From getting to know clients through conversation, through to placing the very last accessory... we handle
it all! 

Our service is professional, personal, hands-on, and communicative, with a single aim of delivering the best quality design, tailored to you, your lifestyle, your timeline, and your budget.

We would love to be part of your home transformation, and make your dream space a reality. 

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Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

How We Help

Building or remodeling your home is a big deal! There are plans and decisions that need to be made during every stage of the process including:

  • deciding on your contractors and vendors
  • planning and managing your budget
  • choosing your materials
  • planning and implementing your design

...and much more.

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What We Do

With a very clear Creative Process, we are able to bring much more to the table than simply interior design expertise. We offer value at every stage of the Remodel process, from conception to completion.

Some of the elements of our Remodel Design Package and our New Build Design Package include...

Planning & Budgeting

We'll create a plan that works with your schedule and budget

Conceptual Design
Together, we'll start designing your dream home
Design Development
Our team will prepare the renderings and blueprints to begin your remodel
Design Implementation
Let the real fun begin! Watch as your dream home comes together and finally takes shape
Product Curation & Procurement
We'll work with vendors to get all fixtures and furnishings to your house on schedule
Installation & Styling
Last, but certainly not least, we'll install your new fixtures and finish the styling of your entire house

Other Things We Do

Floorplan Reviews

Floorplan Reviews

Standalone Floorplan Reviews
Lighting Reviews

Lighting Reviews

Standalone Lighting Plan Reviews
Design Days

Design Days

Get a designer to yourself for a day
Start Planning Your Project

Start Planning Your Project

There's no time like the present!  Use our helpful infographic 
to give you a sense of the key elements of a typical home 
remodel timeline.
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Or Better Still... Let Us Do The Planning For You!

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