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Guest Post: Design Trends That Could Disrupt Your Sleep

The design and layout of a room should first and foremost support the room’s purpose. From the bathroom to the kitchen, design can make the room more functional while also giving it your personal touch. Before incorporating the latest bedroom trends, be sure that anything you bring into the bedroom supports rest and relaxation.


April 2017 - that's when demolition began for our house remodel!!! 

The "Diary Of A House Remodel" series has been a perfect case study for the inner workings of a remodel...and how even the best laid plans can be impacted by unexpected (and uncontrollable) events.  Now, one year on, we are finally furnishing and finishing this project.


6 Questions to ask when creating an interior design to fit your lifestyle

Are you ready to make a  change to  one  of  the rooms  in  your home this year?

You might be tempted to jump right into your project - But Wait! Before you get started, don't forget to ask yourself these six important design questions! 

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