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April 2017 - that's when demolition began for our house remodel!!! 

The "Diary Of A House Remodel" series has been a perfect case study for the inner workings of a remodel...and how even the best laid plans can be impacted by unexpected (and uncontrollable) events.  Now, one year on, we are finally furnishing and finishing this project.


 In this post, we'll look at some of the key elements of furnishing that acted as linchpins for the design.  There is one vital element that isn't included here, but we'll save that for the big reveal in the next post ...


The Rug... 

 Diary of a Remodel-Furnishings-Rug.jpgChoosing the right area rug is so important - especially in a relatively small space. 

This beautifully patterned rug is the main source of colour in this living room, and provides a central point around which all other elements and colours revolve.

The Mural...

Diary of a Remodel-Furnishings-Mural.jpg

All too often, we have a solitary wall which we "can't do anything with".

Its position means we can't place furniture against it, and its shape/size makes it difficult to display much on it.  This is often the wall at the end of a hallway...and most often a mirror gets put up on it.


So I ask myself, would I rather see myself each time I walk down that hall (think first thing in the morning...not a pretty sight for most of us!)...or... would I prefer to see something that brightens my day and make me smile.  

From the start,  I  knew  this wall was begging for a mural, and this pretty blossom did the trick.  For added "oomph" in the evenings, a couple of floor lights help to display its beauty.



The Light Fixture... 

Diary of a Remodel-Furnishings-Light Fixture.jpg


Let there be light!


Who doesn't love a chandelier, and with the overwhelming selection available to us these days, there is something to suit every personality and design.


And for my Clients, it's this "sputnik-style" chandelier.  Check out its full design impact in the next blog post where we reveal the entire design.


(And ooh, what's that in the background? Could it be a glimpse of our final key design element to be revealed in the next blog post?...)


The Console...

Diary of a Remodel-Furnishings-Console.jpg

Low, sleek, and uncomplicated.  This very contemporary TV console provides the perfect base for the wall-mounted TV and all the audio-visual equipment needed for a cozy day/night in.


Its crisp white finish provides a wonderful contrast against the blues in the rug, and pretty much everything around, and on top of it.

Love it.



Furnishings - Conclusion 1.png



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