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Life Happens

Diary of a house remodel -  Wk 18 to 28


Work stops

"No matter what, Life Happens". 

It's been nearly 3 months since my last "Diary of a house remodel" post, and here's why...


We prepared for the worst when we opened up the walls...termites, shoddy work, unsafe structure...and solved a myriad of problems with as little impact to the Client and project as possible. We pulled together as a team when things went wrong...



...but everyone was winded by the unexpected decision my Clients made to end their marriage.


what happens next?

Though amicable, the decision to separate was a blow for everyone. 

  • my Clients (obviously),
  • the project team (who respectfully stopped work to give them space and time to understand their new journey),
  • and for me (as after working closely with them for the duration of a year, I had developed  a connection with both of them)

Their reasons were complex and not directly related to the remodel, but there's no doubt that a big remodel is always stressful and will test relationships to the limit.


 So what happens now??



We Finish The Job!...


The project is to continue and complete, so we press on and try to wrap things up as quickly as possible.


1.  Fireplace is in and clad with stacked stone

2. Kitchen backsplash and cabinetry is done

3. Appliances are in

4. Flooring is complete

5. Furniture starts to get delivered

6. The stair treads are in and prep for the glass bannister begins


We are aiming to complete before Christmas, but despite how close we are to completing, our triumph is dampened by the situation.


And it is a crystal clear reminder that when all is said and done, residential remodels are about people - and when people are involved, no matter how well you plan and prepare, sometimes Life Happens.


Diary of a house remodel NEXT Post



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