New Luxury Bathroom

New extension to existing house to include a large luxury master bathroom. The aim with this design was to create a space that worked with the outdoor scenery and provided a light, relaxing sanctuary.

The use of large smooth stone tiles, combined with stacked stone verticals not only provided a mixture of textures in the bathroom, but the use of natural stone worked to connect interior elements with the exterior foliage, viewed through some strategically placed (and beautiful) picture windows.



Family Home Conversion

Conversion and remodel of a Traditional 3-bedroom house into a Transitional (Traditional and Contemporary mix) style 5-Bedroom Home. The aim was to create a bright, light and family friendly home for a young family who enjoyed entertaining and spending time together.

The project incorporated the demolition and extension of part of the house to create an open plan living area, which would be the main focus of the downstairs space and where the family would likely spend most of their time



City Apartment


A compact city apartment built in 1970, remodelled on a constrained budget to maximise space and light. This included knocking down a separating wall between a tiny toilet room and small bathroom; creating a viewport between the living area and kitchen; refurbishing parquet floor; and replacing the kitchen completely.

Space planning is particularly challenging in compact properties, and this made it an even more interesting project to work on.